Officially Official (and Timezone Conversion!)

I’ve finally received all of my staging information and all of my flights have been booked. It’s crazy how many little and big steps there are of clearances and finality. All that’s really left for me to do is to pack and say goodbye. I will be leaving home on August 28th to go to Staging in Philadelphia. We’ll be leaving the USA on August 30th, after a (what I’m sure will be delightful) 2:30 a.m. bus ride. After around 16 hours in the air (not to mention the 3 hours to get to Philly) and a 6-hour layover, I’ll finally be in Mozambique on the 31st of August.

As one of my weird ways to prepare, I made a chart to convert and compare time in Mozambique and Central USA. I know it’ll be hard for my loved ones and me to keep track of, so I figured I’d make it easier on us all. As you can tell from my key, red is when people are usually asleep, green is awake, and darker green is the sweet spot when people in both time zones are usually awake! The two different charts are Daylight Savings Time vs. “regular” time. Also, the days listed (Fri, Thu, Sat, etc.) are really just for reference so that it’s easier to tell which day it is in each place. Also, gotta give credit to’s Meeting Planner for this one. Feel free to pin, print, and share!

TimezoneChartDSTTimezoneChartKey    TimezoneChart



2 thoughts on “Officially Official (and Timezone Conversion!)

  1. Brian Hayes says:

    So excited for you and this journey you are on! Will be praying for safe travels, and watching your posts to see all of the exciting and important work you will be doing. God bless!


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