Mental Health and the Peace Corps

Mental health is something that, unfortunately, does not get talked about enough in the Peace Corps. Most applicants know that the medical screening process is awful for anyone with anything that resembles mental health issues--including premarital counseling. Many are (rightfully) critical of PC for being behind the times with mental health and their employment/medical screening. … Continue reading Mental Health and the Peace Corps


Who Run the World? GIRLS!

International Women’s Day was Thursday and I made sure to celebrate with my classes. I have two turmas, 9A & 9D. The turmas are grouped by age, so my 9A students are around the ages of typical 9th graders (14-16) and my 9D students are older (18-25). Here in Mozambique, education is not mandatory or … Continue reading Who Run the World? GIRLS!

Plot Twist!

  It's been over two weeks since I've given an update. Sorry for the major delay, things have been crazy busy! First, the biggest news: I'm NOT moving! Wait, what!? Yes, you read that correctly. I am staying here, in Ancuabe. After a lot of negotiating and advocating on our behalf, Peace Corps staff and … Continue reading Plot Twist!

On Shitholes

Mozambique, our glorious land Rock by rock, constructing a new day Millions of arms, but one strength Oh homeland, we will overcome - Translated lyrics to chorus of Mozambique’s National Anthem Mozambique is a glorious land. This past weekend, I took a trip to Montepuez, a city about 2-5 hours, to visit friends and it … Continue reading On Shitholes

My Why

This blog post is part of Blogging Abroad's blog challenge. Each week, I receive a thought-provoking prompt and get to write about it and share it here with you! This week is about my "why." Since I love both lists and questions, I'm responding to this prompt in a Q&A format. I also love this … Continue reading My Why